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Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Q&A with Dr. Stine

Q: Can you explain what the difference is between contact lenses that can be worn for a month vs. those that can are meant to be worn for a day, are they made of different materials?

Dr. Stine: There is very little difference between daily and two-week or monthly disposable lenses as far as the material. The major difference is the convenience of the daily modality. The daily lenses offer the most convenience with wear, cleaning, travel, and cost savings on the solutions.

Q: Please clarify the difference between what we are speaking about, replacement frequency, vs. daily wear or extended wear contacts, which is an issue of wearing schedule.

Dr. Stine: Manufacturers of contact lenses apply to the FDA for approval of certain modalities of wear based on data supplied. The manufacturers stipulate the lenses as being replaceable after 1 day, 2 weeks, 1 month, or 3 months. The most successful wearers will honor the wearing schedules as stipulated by the doctor.

Q: Are there advantages to single-use contact lenses? What are they?

Dr. Stine: Daily disposable lenses are the most convenient and healthiest way to wear contact lenses. There is no need to purchase solutions which eliminates a possible source of irritation.

Q: What do you find in particular, most exciting about single-use contact lenses, that brings you to recommend them to the patients in your care?

Dr. Stine: They are the healthiest and most convenient way to wear contact lenses.

Q: Do you find that your patients express positive feedback about daily disposables, and what is it that they are most happy with?

Dr. Stine: They mostly enjoy the feeling of clean contacts every day.

Q: Will it be more expensive for me if I need to use a new pair of contacts every day?

Dr. Stine: Not necessarily, there are great rebates for the lenses, no solutions to buy, and less chance of getting eye infections.

Q: Are there certain conditions of the eye, or any other reason why you would specifically recommend to a patient the use of single-use contact lenses?

Dr. Stine: Daily disposable lenses are great for patients with allergies. They are also great for people who have jobs or hobbies that would tend to get contact lenses dirty quickly.

Q: Are daily disposable contacts available for patients that wear specialty contact lenses?

Dr. Stine: There are toric and bifocal daily disposables.

Q: Is there anyone that is just not a candidate for daily disposable contacts?

Dr. Stine: Some people are not candidates for contact lenses candidates at all, but daily disposable lenses are great for people who only wear lenses occasionally.